Iyengar Yoga for Busajo

Gabriella Giubilaro
Online workshop

45,00 €

Please save the dates and register to the on-line workshop with Gabriella Giubilaro for Busajo.

Busajo Onlus was founded in 2009 in Florence with the aim of supporting the younger generations by promoting projects in favor of the poorest children with more urgent needs, trying to achieve measurable results and progresses in the path of self-sufficiency of the people and of the populations involved.
Precisely it deals with the recovery, re-education and reintegration of street children in Soddo, in southern Ethiopia. It focuses its interventions on non-assistance projects that tend to make the recipients autonomous and self-sufficient, investing in their cultural, educational and professional growth and thus also favor the social and economic development of the territory.
The NGO promotes education and professional training, in addition to health and psychological care for street children and girls, believing that it is the best way to guarantee them a better future of social integration and fight the poverty in which they live, helping them to regain confidence in their future.

For more information please visit https://www.busajo.org/en/

70% of the proceeds will be donated to Busajo Onlus. Suggested cost 45 euro for the three days. You are welcome to donate more if you wish. 100% of the extra amount will be donated to them. If you cannot pay this amount, please give what you can.

At the end of the workshop you will receive an email with the class recordings for your personal use. Recordings will be available for 14 days.

The Iyengar Yoga Istitute Firenze is a Company based in Florence to spread the teaching of Iyengar Yoga. To be able to register to any class or workshop it is necessary to fill up the document attached. It is necessary to write your name, last name, date and place of birth, email address and to sign it. The data will be private, and not used for any other reason.

The link will be sent 48 hours before the workshop, in case you do not receive it, please look at your spam and if it is not there, please contact us by WhatsApp to +39 3917434945, or by email.

-The classes will be done through Zoom.
-The classes will be in English.
-Requirement: minimum of one year of Iyengar yoga practice
-Refund for cancelation: There is no refund

How to prepare for the class?
Make sure you are logged in to your zoom account with the device you will be using to join the class with. Please join the class with your full name displayed on your screen, so Gabriella can call you by your name when offering corrections & insights. If you have a question, please feel free to ask it at any time, by writing it on the zoom chat.
Clear a good space for your yoga mat and other props you may be using.

Yoga prop kit includes:

• Yoga mat
• 2 bricks
• 4 blankets
• 1 belt
• 1 chair
• A free wall space

You may not be using all the props, and if you are missing some props – don’t worry! You can always get creative and improvise with what you have at home. For example: any flat surfaced chair without armrests is a good chair for yoga, a thin scarf can be a good substitute for a yoga belt, etc.

Terms and Conditions:
( ) I take responsibility for my yoga practice and any eventualities that may happen during class.
( ) I agree that during the event films and photos can be taken and I allow free use by the Istituto Iyengar Yoga Firenze on their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Web Site, Twitter, etc.).
( ) I have read all the information contained in this document and I agree to its terms and conditions.

Namaste, thanks for supporting the cause and we appreciate if you can help us to spread the word!

In order to secure your participation to the seminar kindly make the donation to the following account:
BANCA: Banca Sella Agenzia Via Carlo Botta, 22 FIRENZE 50136, Italia
Iban: IT79X0326802801052813582410
Or by PayPal to: info@istitutoiyengaryogafirenze.it
(please make sure you spell “istituto” correctly, Italian spelling)
Please in the deposit write down:
– First and Last name and Reason for the deposit “donation for workshop for Busajo”. Please send via email the receipt of payment for confirmation to info@istitutoiyengaryogafirenze.it

Please make sure that you send your correct email address, so that we have your name and email to send the link to access the class.

The quote includes the workshop